Dearest Erica,

I (we) cannot thank you enough for the wedding photos…to say they’re “amazing” really doesn’t do your work justice. Let me start off by saying that I’m not my #1 fan in photos…but out of the 500 or so shots we have so far…there is NOTHING I would delete. My other self-critic in the family (that would be Mama Bloom) also loves herself in these…which is nothing short of a miracle. You’ve captures the mood, spirit and energy of our wedding flawlessly. Every shot is just “us” – without too much posing or “picture” faces going on. The group shots are amazing and take me right back to that moment. I am so glad we found you and hope that you can keep capturing pictures of our family as it grows (of course, I suppose we should get on it before you become way too famous and expensive for us…ha ha ha ha ha ha)

Thank you again.

Katia & Gleb


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