SUPRISE Berger’s I’m coming home!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone has been asking me – well my FAM esp when I will be coming home – so I’M GOING!! I’m super super close to my family – I talk to them a few times a day. I was looking at my brothers facebook yesterday and relized he is growing up – blows my mind. ANYWAYS…. I wanted ti to be a surprise but then I would not have the opportunity to have some cool family / engagement / trash the dress shoots while I was there. I will be located in Westchester – Ardsley – next to Scarsdale and White Plains – If there are a bunch of NYC shoots I will plan a bunch in one day. I love shooting there on the bridge and night time shoots – they blow my mind.

WHO – you!
WHEN – NOV 24th – Dec 1st – not Friday or SAT night – my sister would be oh so sad!
WHERE – around Westchester – or in NYC

Email me –
Call me – 914 419 2361

Can’t wait!


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