Goodbye Romeo

January 29th, 2009

I remember being in my backyard in New York around the age of eleven – swinging on the swing crying because I wanted to get a dog so much. My parents tried to prolong getting a dog for a while – we got a cat instead – that did not work out… our cat stayed with us for nine months – then moved to a nice house in the country!

Finally around the time of my Bat Mitzvah my parents gave in to getting us a puppy. We got a Pembroke Welsh Corgi – one of the happiest days of my life. I remember sitting in the back with him driving home. He was so excited – but I was more.

My mom and I loved dogs – we would even go to dog shows! So much fun.

They got the dog for me – when I went off to school he stayed with my parents – and he stayed there his whole life. Romeo was born on August 8th – and he is going to be put down today at 6:30pm ( New York Time ) He lived a good life full of treats and love. Thank you Mom and Dad for getting me Romeo. I loved him so much. I hope you two will get another dog so Mom can have some company around the house during the day.

I knew that it was going to be the last time seeing him when I was in New York. I gave him special attention and took photos that were very Romeo. Sometimes you just know when things like this are going to happen. But, how do you say goodbye when you are not present, and not ready? I guess you can never be ready for this.

Romeo is in heaven now with A LOT of treats. Romeo lives for treats – that is what his life was all about. We used to come home – he would great us and then heard us ( he was a herding dog ) to the treat bowl. He scarfed down his food so fastĀ  – you would think he would take the time to enjoy it… maybe he thought more was coming. My Dad swore if we threw a treat off of the Brooklyn bridge he would dive right after it.

We used to play a game called… Romeo – FIND ME! We would put him in a down stay, and then I would hide in the house… when we first started this game when he was younger he would stay – but as the years went on he just wated the treats – so he krept up… But, he would search all over – it was the cutest thing..

My dad took the first photo a few minutes after we got Romeo. I always thought he looked like a bunny and a fox. He was so cute – he would wag his butt because he had no tail!! I always loved to pull on his ears and touch his cold nose.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

(Roger Caras)


2 Responses to “Goodbye Romeo”

  1. Karen Says:

    Hi sweetie… the pictures make me cry.
    You and your Romeo were so cute together.
    I will miss that sweet gentle dog always.
    Thanks for the lovely post.
    miss you,
    aunt sugar

  2. jason Says:

    heya er!

    The thing I remember and enjoyed most about romeo was the way he would run at you and then dive and slide forward with his head right between your hands… such a sweetie.

    much love!!

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