April 13th, 2010


Rodel & Christina

April 13th, 2010



A SALE on Albums.

April 13th, 2010

Hey Blog Readers – photography lovers – photographers – but this post is for brides!! People tell me ALL THE TIME that they wish that they met me before they got married. They wish that their photos were super colorful and edited in a cool way. WELL – I am going to be offering my services to you guys. I would like to kick it off with offering you an album. This will be your wedding photos but remixed! It is a 10 by 10 album. Canvas cover and fully photoshopped! You can choose your favorite 50 photos from your wedding and I will make you a book of ART! Here is an example of the layout I made for another couple. I sell these for $1500 – but I am going to have a sale for $1100. Go here to view the images larger. Please email me for more info!

does it look like a good mix?


Le & Scott found me a long time ago. I have shot their friends weddings – sisters wedding – just about everyone. They go to a lot of weddings! I love them. They are super sweet – cute – just about the perfect clients. She even does kickboxing…. hehe. Most of the time I wait until my clients choose their favorite photographs – but this shoot was just to great. So I woke up super super early – kinda the middle of the night for me – 5am! AND…. went to work on them. I must say – I love photoshop and photography so much. I am not sure which one I love more. I love that I can use both and make art. Thank you for stopping by.