Meet Katrina and Paul. They are super sweet – we rocked it out today. When they picked me up they were nervous – I told them that taking photos was not so much a big deal. We will walk around – talk – look cool – snuggle – kiss. It will be a good time. Mid way through the shoot I asked them if they thought that the shoot was going be like they expected and Paul said no. He though it was would stressful! I’m glad that they had a good time. Taking photos with a professional photographer is so different than taking a snapshot. When I shoot I shoot quickly – I pose and direct – but I play off of the couples natural movements. I love how Paul and Katrina looked at each other. He would kiss her on the far head so we played off of that! I used texture on each photo here – I miss texture. I love it. I love photoshop – that is why it is midnight and I am playing / working in photoshop. I am so blessed and lucky to be able to LOVE my job. It is amazing – thank you for stopping by and supporting me.

I threw in a before and after. I love how I changed the feel of the photo and made art.



Christine & Kien

February 16th, 2010

Hello! Thank you for stopping by during my slow season. Things are picking up. I have three sessions this week and I’m stoked! Here are a few from yesterday – I love to give my clients a great mix of photos. I love the black and white one – I think it is so sweet how they look at each other. They are already married – they just wanted more photos!





Trash The Dress!

February 10th, 2010