How cool is this couple. I love it! They are huge A’s fans – so it made perfect sense to do the trash the dress at the game. Super fun – I love seeing people’s expressions – the bride and groom and everyone around! I have the coolest clients – period!


Pam & Tien

October 22nd, 2009

Meet Pam & Tien – if you have been following my blog you would know them by now. I have done three sessions with them already. They LOVE photos – they LOVE family – LOVE dogs – and I LOVED their wedding. It was a blast! I stayed the whole time – danced! Thank you for giving me the honor of photographing your wedding.


Audrey & Hugo

October 17th, 2009

Hugo and Audrey made my job very very easy a few days ago. They had so much passion and love for each other. They told me that they were kissers! They were super sweet towards each other. They did not need much direction. I told them just to interact and be together. They looked great just doing that! They got married at city hall and then we went for a mini photoshoot afterwards. These are a few photos we came up with. It was a “spot on” shoot. The light – their faces – the love – oh it was just so great!

UPDATE – I lost 6 pounds!! Woop woop!!!!!!!!!!! I actually ran up those stairs…


Rock and Roll Bride ROCKS!

October 16th, 2009

Thank you Kat for blogging about me. It means the world to me.

The last comment is my favorite.




I Love Color!

October 15th, 2009


Great Review!!

October 15th, 2009

Danielle writes:

We found Erica on Craigslist. When we first met, I immediately liked Erica. She had a fun but calm spirit, and seemed to have a real passion for photography. We spent time going through her portfolio on her laptop, I showed her pictures of my husband and I and some of our ideas for the wedding, and she immediately started listing off some fun ideas she had for shooting our day. We booked her (at the time) top package.

We scheduled the engagement photo session for 8 months before the wedding. Erica and her assistant spent almost the entire day with us, visiting a variety of locations. She had no qualms with getting into weird places just to get a good shot, and was great with directing us. A few days later she sent us a preview of her faves. We decided one of them was perfect for our Save The Dates, and asked if she could get us the photo then – and she promptly obliged. A couple of weeks later we had the rest of the photos. We ended up with somewhere around 300+ photos from the engagement session. And we were definitely impressed. There was no shortage of really good photos in that group (and I consider myself to be horribly unphotogenic).

On the day of the wedding Erica arrived promptly, and began taking pictures within 5 minutes of arriving (just long enough to set her stuff down and grab her camera). Her assistant, Michelle, also began taking pictures shortly after they arrived. Neither Erica or Michelle were overly pushy or got in the way of us getting ready, although they were also not shy about directing us to position ourselves better for the camera while we were getting ready. Once we were ready, we headed over to the spot where my husband and I were to see each other for the first time. Once the guys arrived, Erica and Michelle were at the ready. At one point, Erica wanted us to trudge into this big field for pictures, but since it was just before the ceremony I declined (not wanting to totally filth up my dress just yet). I could tell she was a little disappointed (I’m sure the shots would have been gorgeous), but she didn’t force us or complain, and we moved on to the next thing. She also was not shy about asking passersby to move out of the shot, without being really rude or obnoxious about it.

Back at the venue, Erica and her assistant went to work capturing photos of all of the details. They were all over the place, getting various shots of the reception and ceremony decor. And when the ceremony started, they were ready to go. After the ceremony, without skipping a beat, they started taking family shots, and Erica was really good about gathering family members for the pictures and setting everyone up. Then we took some more photos with the bridal party. At one point she wanted a picture with all the guys wearing sunglasses, but only one of the groomsman had sunglasses on him. So, Erica quickly gathered up enough sunglasses from others in the crowd to cover the other three guys.

After getting shots of our grand entrance, and moving upstairs for the toasts (which they also captured), I released them to get something to eat. They finished their meal quickly, and were right back to taking pictures (they got shots of all of the guests at each table, and of my husband and I going around and greeting guests and passing out favors).

Right after dinner, Erica snuck us back up to the rooftop of our venue with our MOH (she used her wiles to figure out how to get back up there without being escorted, even though technically our reservation of the rooftop had ended). There she captured a bunch of gorgeous pictures as the sun was setting. Her smart thinking, and creativity gave us the photos for the cover of our wedding album, and for our Christmas cards. When we accidentally got let out the wrong side of the elevator, Erica used it as an opportunity to capture a few more shots in the front of the venue. I really appreciated her quick thinking and flexibility.

Erica stayed on with us until about 10pm (she arrived at 1:30pm). She came up to me and asked if we still needed her, or if it was okay that they left. Since they had been working almost nonstop for 8+ hours, and had captured all of the important events (at this point people were just dancing the last hour away), I dismissed them.

After about 2 months, Erica emailed me a link to an online gallery with a preview of about 500 pictures from our day. And then 3.5 months after our wedding, Erica sent us all of our photos on DVDs. In our contract, Erica promised to deliver a DVD with 600-800 edited photos, and 1500 unedited photos. Well… we ended up with 6 DVDs with just shy of 4000 photos!

Overall, we are extremely pleased with our photos. They have that same look and feel that we got from her portfolio and website. We’ve gotten tons of compliments on the photos, and the album I made looks phenomenal thanks to the gorgeous photos we got from Erica. We’d definitely book her again!