SUPRISE Berger’s I’m coming home!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone has been asking me – well my FAM esp when I will be coming home – so I’M GOING!! I’m super super close to my family – I talk to them a few times a day. I was looking at my brothers facebook yesterday and relized he is growing up – blows my mind. ANYWAYS…. I wanted ti to be a surprise but then I would not have the opportunity to have some cool family / engagement / trash the dress shoots while I was there. I will be located in Westchester – Ardsley – next to Scarsdale and White Plains – If there are a bunch of NYC shoots I will plan a bunch in one day. I love shooting there on the bridge and night time shoots – they blow my mind.

WHO – you!
WHEN – NOV 24th – Dec 1st – not Friday or SAT night – my sister would be oh so sad!
WHERE – around Westchester – or in NYC

Email me – Ericaberger@me.com
Call me – 914 419 2361

Can’t wait!


Bling Bling – Portraits.

October 26th, 2009

It was such a treat to take these photographs – I LOVE color and bling! Here are some portraits from todays wedding – more to come from this amazing shoot.








Megan is one of my biggest fans. She is a commenter – which I LOVE. She always looks amazing – always. Yesterday she looked like a piece of art. Tristin – amazing as well. The father mother dance was the best I have seen so far. EVERYONE loved it. Thank you for giving me the honor of photographing your wedding – for being so sweet! I had a great time dancing with you in the street and on the dance floor. You planned the perfect wedding. You were so much fun to photograph – I could go on and on and I will the next time I blog about you. But now I am off to kickboxing – and then to another great wedding!




Lets be honest photographers LOVE photos of themselves – well this one does. Today I decided to take a few new photos of myself with my new hair! My Dad requested it…. Which is your fav.. I like the ones with the bangs – I was talking to my Ma – she did not like the bangs – she says she wants to see my pretty little face. Oh mothers!!! So funny how people can look different from different angles.


I LOVE these socks – I think you should all go get some… I love mix matching them – fun.



That’s right another SALE – I love these sessions they are my favorite! I am offering you guys 5 – 8 by 10s or… one 20 by 30 print!!! YOUR CHOICE! These offer will expire in 10 days!

Here are some photos from a rocking session. Chrysann & Collin – they are so cute.