Family LOVE!

June 30th, 2009

Me AND… JENNA!! This is my sister – she rocks. She is visiting me right now!


Out Of Town For A Week!

June 24th, 2009

Tis the season for weddings – it is my cousins wedding this weekend. I will be out of town – not too far in Berkeley. My whole family is coming into town – I’m super excited. Feel free to still give me a call and leave a voice mail – and emails of course. I will return your calls and emails as soon as I can but it might take a few extra days!

I had an amazing weekend full of love and weddings. picture-10picture-11picture-13

Happy Fathers Day!

June 21st, 2009

My father is my best friend – hands down. He has been there for me through EVERYTHING. He helps me out with everything, and anything. He is always there to talk to – sometimes I have nothing to say – I just ramble and he lets me! He is one of those amazing parents. he has given us ( Me, Jenna and Greg ) everything that we have ever asked for. Taken us on trips, given us experiences – he raised three great kids – If I do say so myself!!!!! I am so lucky. I love you so much. Thank you. I’ll see you very soon!!!!!


June 17th, 2009

Fun.Fun.Fun… Good times! I love what Christine said… she said… it did not feel like they were even taking photos for three hours! It was a great day full of laughs! Thank you for bringing your bike. I loved it oh so much. More to come from this session in a few weeks. You can’t wait.. check out!



June 17th, 2009

Hello Blog Readers!

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to stop by my world. So.. what is going on in my world. A LOT! Summer time – Today is my mom’s birthday – yesterday was my sisters – soon is fathers day. I am super close to my family and they are coming out here in a week for my cousin Kyle’s wedding. I’m so excited. Yes – I am shooting the wedding. Well, part of it. I am troops with me who is going to take over after the ceremony! It is so important to me to spend time with family. I going to try to get a bunch of NY weddings in 2010 so I can visit more!

I have been thinking a lot lately – I do that – think lots and lots. 2010 is coming – I know no one else thinks this way – but if you are in the wedding world you do! What do I want to do in 2010 – super cool weddings! Where? Everywhere. I am going to hope to travel and shoot for the coolest brides on the planet. I so happy that I get to do what I love. Thank you for giving me the honor of being your wedding photographer. It is such an amazing job filled with love, art, lots of laughs and challenges.


Caitlin & Dave = MARRIED!!!

June 16th, 2009

Almost all caught up with work!!! WEEEEEEE!!!!! Caitlin and Dave’s wedding was sweet – intimate, and fun! It was filled with great details and photos – some I took – some they did. I love how personal thei wedding was. Amazing! Thank you for giving me the honor of being your wedding photographer. I can’t wait to trash the dress. ( Out of place wedding photography ) Lets come up with something as hip as you are.