Josh & Jenna!

May 27th, 2009

These few photos describe the whole day – beauty mixed with FUN! I loved this wedding – everyone was so warm – it was full of family and love. Good times and jokes. Jenna and Josh are delightful and welcoming. I love you both and I will see you soon.






I love Amanda & Jason. They found me through friends and I have done a bunch of their friends weddings. This wedding was out of this world with beauty, laughter and creative dance moves! Thank you for taking me to a BEAUTIFUL location and pushing my creativity to the next level.


Rave Review On YELP!

May 22nd, 2009

“We got our pictures from Erica a few days ago and they are stunning. Erica not only has an artist’s eye, but her pictures are of superb quality. She informed me that she uses nicer equipment than other photographers, which was confirmed when we were chatting with one in city hall and he told us he rented his lenses.


Everyone in my family looked like a model, so it really does make all the difference. Erica caught every moment. Flipping through, it’s like re-living the day all over again. I still get choked up when I get to the ceremony, and can’t help but whistle at the gorgeous portraits of my groom.


Erica was professional, friendly and generous enough to negotiate a price with us that fit more comfortably into our budget. Let’s face it, on your wedding day, you’re going to look the best you’ll ever look in your life. You might as well have someone of Erica Berger’s quality take pictures of it before everything starts to slide downhill.” – Carol April ’09picture-311


I have been featured a bunch of times – I LOVE it is amazing. I love everything she writes about. I am honored!


Today we shot at AT&T Park – then we watched the game. It was so much fun to shoot there and then get to know my clients! They are so sweet and I can not wait until her wedding – Oh boy….. the little details that she put into it will ROCK! Here is a sneak. Wanna see more stuff? Check out my flickr!

I love to keep everything that I love the most on flickr – I upload new stuff everyday.