Family Is Here!!!

February 26th, 2009

Hi All. My mom, Michele has been visiting me since Tuesday – she will be here for one week. Please allow a couple extra days for me to return your emails / calls. We are going out of town for a few days this weekend – to a super cool one year old party. Here is her photo and one of me I took of myself… while she was taking a nap!

Update on my sisters wedding plans:

It does not look like I’m going to be able to have my number one choice for a photographer for Jenna’s wedding – that would be Kelly Moore – if you have not checked her out do it. She’s amazing. Now – I am on the search again. I want to keep the budget to $5000 for the whole package – but still have an amazing, out of this world – artistic wedding photographer. It would be real cool to find one in NY – anyone have ideas? If so… email me ( )

The wedding will be on a Saturday in July – we found a Rabbi – it’s the same one who was at my Bat Mitzvah! The whole family is really excited to have Rabbi Billy.


Jeff & Ellen

February 23rd, 2009

Jeff & Ellen were so sweet on their wedding day – yesterday. You could see it in their eyes – the excitement – the love. They planned a super cool wedding – out of the box – way fun. It started off with family – they had lots of family. Friends came as the night went on.

They were super fun. It was raining – hey it’s San Francisco – what do you expect…. ( well, being from NY not rain! ) They came out in the rain – when it calmed down. At one point everyone was outside hanging out and me and Ellen ran to the middle of the street with an umbrella. She did not have a bad angle – her sweet energy explodes in the photos.

The wedding was in dark lighting which was challenging – but thanks to my amazing new camera – the canon 5d mark 2 it was a piece of cake ( which was YUMMY. ) It was fun finding cool places inside to take photos.

So, I LOVED photographing them – Ellen’s dress is my favorite dress so far – hands down. Check out those shoes. I had a great time – thank you for letting me be a part and giving me the honor of capturing your wedding day / night!




Ok – I admit it – I have been slacking on the blog posts. So, I thought instead of a few photos from the engagement sessions I would give you guys a BUNCH!

Gina & Eli – we had so much fun. I LOVED what they wore – the weather was great. They were super fun and just rock stars. All three of the sessions were rock star like.

Rachel & Nathan – I think this couple is a photographers dream. I LOVE what their wore – they are so comfortable in front of the camera – they eat it up. We had so much fun. We walked around where I life – there are so many cool spots where I live ( downtown SOMA area )

Marc & Carrie – Marc is my friend from school ( The Academy of Art ) They are both super creative and amazing and FUN. We went to Napa and found trains on the way. Oh the colors!!

Slideshow for…… MEXICO!

February 20th, 2009

Hey guys – I am introducing a new feature for my super douper cool clients this year. I am going to have a slideshow for you a week after your wedding so you can show off your amazing love and wedding to all of your friends. This is Dara & Darren – I flew to Mexico last week to shoot the wedding. I had an amazing time. I love you guys – thank you for a week I will never forget.

I’m Back!

February 17th, 2009

Here is a sneak from Mexico – full blog posts from the past three sneaks will be up this week. I’m so excited to show you more. But, for now I must rest my eyes – I’m a little under the weather. My voicemail was not working while I was away so if you gave me a call within the past week – please call again! 


This was one of the coolest, most BEAUTIFUL weddings I have ever been to. The whole weekend felt like a dream. Here is a photo from the day after shoot. Walking around town was very magical.



Off To Mexico!

February 13th, 2009

Hey all – I’m off to Mexico for Dara & Darren’s wedding. I will answer all calls and emails when I get back late next week. 


I’m so excited to get there!