You Gotta Watch This!

December 31st, 2008

Worst Best Man Ever @ Yahoo! Video
CRAZYNESS!! Check out part of what I’m wearing tonight…… Oh the power of photo booth + photoshop. One may ask where I am going in such shoes – to a low key party.. I never wear shoes like this – so I thought why not!! Happy New Year – BIG New Years post tomorrow. 
Happy New Years!!!YAY!
Here’s another cool photo of Heather – she’s a run away bride!
Picture 56

This was too much fun – more to come in a few days…. if you are itching to see more – feel free to check out

I decided that props was the next investment I was going to make with my photography – and boy am I excited! These girls are rock stars.



December 26th, 2008

I have had the most amazing week. Tonight was the second time EVER that I got to be part of a Christmas celebration. It was super fun. I went to Jason and Penny’s in Redwood City. They are my first cousins – and they have two amazing children. They are pretty amazing….. Penny is a super amazing interior designer and Jason is an INSANE animator. So, when you get two creatives together – they have pretty funny children! Kyle & Colleen were there – you might recognize them from their engagement shoot – Wendy and El – Wendy is my Mom’s sister and El is her amazing wife – their wedding was last August. Artie and Leslie were there too – Toby and Aurora have so many sets of grandparents who ADORE them! I plan to spend a lot more time with them now that I have a little time off! In conclusion – the company was incredible – we danced, laughed and had a MERRY time!! Thank you Penny for making a YUMMMMMY in my tummy meal!


Chanukah – New York Style!!

December 23rd, 2008

Tonight I had a video chat with my family. I LOVE the photo of the four of them – I’m in a little box!! They are super sweet, fun, and think the WORLD of me – I love how this photo shows all of that. Supportive – incredible – and quite good looking – hehe!! I am so lucky.

Picture 24I miss them.

Happy Hanukkah!!!

December 22nd, 2008

Tonight I got to celebrate Hanukkah with my west coast family! We had a great time. Since we are all not too religious we decided to light all the candles on the first night! It was a great time filled with amazing company, food and fun. Thank you Wendy so much for having us all over – I had a great time.

Here are the photos I snapped tonight – the kids were UBER cute! I LOVE the way that the candles look when they are almost out! I also love Wendys expression in the light photo – and I can’t get enough of Toby – he is at the cutest age EVER! The funniest part of the night was when I ate Auroras potato latka….. you should have seen the face she gave me – a very cute two year old – YOU ATE MY FOOD – and now I am going to cry face!! But, we made up and she gobbled up the rest – it was super yummy.

Tomorrow I am going to have a video chat with my family in New York while they light the candles and sing along with them. On nights like this I miss them. I love how we all sing the same and know all the same songs – and don’t know most of the words. It’s a very funny thing.



ShirlL & JorDAN Hit NYC!

December 13th, 2008