My cousins Emily and Justin came over today. We had to snap a few photos – Justin was very goofy!! Liina came today from Portland!!! I’m still in New York for a few more weeks – feel free to give me a call on my new IPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Guys – I’m itching to get right in the middle of NYC with my camera! I had a shoot today – but my couple stood me up – I can’t believe it. I’m looking for a hip cool couple who will dress up their wedding dress so they could be outside in this weather. Maybe bring along a sister who will hold their coat while we shoot!?! Here are examples from my last shoot in NY. I have a lot of ideas – fun gloves, scarf – very wedding in NY. I hope it snows on the day we shoot! 50 Photos included touched up to the MAX!


I Am So Thankful.

November 27th, 2008

Every year before we eat I always make sure that we go around saying what we are thankful for. Today my family was not as into it as I hoped so I kept my list short with them. Even though this is my photography blog – I wanted to start sharing more of myself with you. I’m sorry if it is more like a ramble. 

I am so thankful for so many things in my life. I was super thankful this year to be able to be with my entire family on this day. I am thankful for their support. They have been so supportive through out my whole life. Especially in the past year with my business. Sometimes the best things in life just happen starting this business was like falling in love – I had no idea that it was going to happen. One day I woke up and figured out that I had turned my passion into a job – and into a business / career. I am so thankful that I LOVE my job. It is fulfilling, super exciting, fun, it pushes me everyday and it can only grow and expand. ( and so can I! ) I am thankful for all of my equipment, the workshops, the photographers who I learned from at those workshops. The list goes on….. inspiration, canon, photoshop, actions, colors, light, style, amazing dresses, things that make me tick. 

I am thankful to be creative and that I can express it and call that my job. I am thankful to all the brides and grooms that took a chance on my when I was starting out. I am thankful to all of my clients who dove into water with me on the shoots. They trusted me that that shot was going to be super cool and worth getting wet for. All of my clients trust me that I will get their better side on their wedding day and capture the love and laughter on this amazing day. Thank you for your trust. 

I am thankful for my friends who have been there for me and grown with me. The ones who are there for the late night phone calls – to talk about life and being 25, I don’t know if you all remember that age – it’s kind of complicated. Then there is my family who is always there – the ones who will just sit on the phone and talk about nothing just so I have someone to talk nothing about. It’s the friends who will sit with you and say nothing – the ones that show up – you know who you are.  The ones that love the s*** out of me and I know it because of the way they look at my and act towards me. Even if they move – I am thankful to know them. They are the ones who read this blog all the time just because they want to. 

My mother – she is such a fan. She STUDIES my photography – she loves it. Today we were shooting the family and she hopped up on the fence and she said “I’m ready!” You can see the photo below – her smile is amazing. She did not want me to go into wedding photography – I’m not sure if you guys are aware but it can be stressful – not for me I strive on that! I love the go go go part of it. But, now she is super happy and is so supporttive. She will talk about every photo with me and with her friends – it’s crazy cool. It must not be easy for parents to have a child move across the country. But, they let me they knew that there was something out here for me to figure out. I am thankful they did not hold me back.

Then there is my Dad – he has been my rock my whole life. When things are not going so well in my life I always have his voice inside my head saying “this too shall pass.” He is just amazing. For example – when I moved apartments ( which I am so thankful that I can life in such an amazing place) last month he came out to go shopping with me. He knew how exciting getting a first apartment was and he wanted to share that with me. His words – they have been coming to me my whole life – it’s like he is with me all the time.

(One thing that happened was… I was at the workshop in San Diego and I was nervous – I was sitting in the lobby before it started all by myself…. My dad knew the schedule – he knew exactly what I would be doing at that time- we were all supposed to get together. I was sitting there thinking about leaving, confused on where to go – if I was in the right place then the phone rang – it was my dad. It was like he was right there – he said did you ask the front desk? I guess he sensed that I was nervous. He told me I was his hero…. (I think my Dad thinks my life is super cool because it is alternative. I live in a city, cool apartment and own a super cool business. I’m living outside of the box – I always have ) He saved the day – helped me figure a tiny piece of info out and gave me confidence!)

My brother and sister – I am so thankful that I am close with them. Jenna and I drive each other crazy because we are so much a like – but boy do we love each other. We sound the same – we sing the same. We come into songs at certain parts – it’s very funny. We belong to each other for sure. 

Greg – I call him baboooooo! One day I started to and it just stuck… he and I are very close. When we were younger we were even closer – best friends… I remember and I will never forget – at his Bar Mitzvah he said… ” My sister and my best friend too, you graduated from high school and we are all so proud of you please come up and light candle ten plus two. ” It was the candle lighting. He is super funny and there for me – a great person and I can’t wait to see what life holds for him. 

I am thankful that I am so close to my family even though I live so far away from them. I live close to my Aunt Wendy and El – and their children Jason and Kyle – and there whole family. I am super thankful that they took me in – I get to see them all the time and be part of their little intimate family. Wendy is always there for me when I need her – and for the times when I have been out here when I really really needed her – she was always there within hours. 

I am a very very blessed person – I am thankful that I can share my passion with so many people. So many people have an office job and feel stuck – working 9 – 5 is the way of the world. Most people do not see another option. I thought I was going to work 9 – 5 being a graphic designer - I am so thankful that I figured out what my calling is and that I had supportive family and friends to give me the confidence to pursue my dreams. 

Thank you for taking the time to read what I am thinking about in my head! Here are some photos of who I spent my day with today. 


Romeo – My Pembroke Welsh Corgi

November 26th, 2008


I’m In A New York State Of Mind

November 24th, 2008

That’s right… I’m going to New York for Thanksgiving. I miss my family – I can’t wait to see them. My brother will be home from college – Delaware. He’s super funny and just incredible. I get to hang out with my sister – we sound just alike. My mom – she loves Oprah and always talks about Oprahs best friend Gale… :) My Dad – he’s my best friend – in the whole wide world. I have a bunch of shoots planned for New York. If anyone wants to shoot – I am offering trade – which means FREE – I would like to keep it to weekdays only.

Enjoy Billy Joel – I love him and I have seen him in concert – he is so New York. I will be back in about two weeks – I will be working from New York with normal business hours!

Vicki and Craig found me on the “net” all the way from Bermuda. They told me that they were having an intimate wedding – they wanted a photographer to capture the day. They did not want anything too posy – they wanted to have a fun holiday! This wedding was BEAUTIFUL. It was in Carmel – the ceremony was at sunset. Just perfect – so romantic. I love the expression on their faces – the whole day. They kept giggling!! The dress – the flowers – that sky – everything!

The very next day Michelle and I met the two newely weds at the Post Ranch Inn – it’s INCREDIBLE there. We had our trash the dress shoot there. It was BEAUTIFUL. I love it there – one day I will be back there – maybe on my honeymoon!! ( any takers??!! ) This wedding was so intimate – relaxed and filled with amazing love.

Thank you two for including me in your wedding – I will see you for our third session – in Bermuda – :) hint hint!! This wedding was a perfect way to wrap up my wedding season. I am off to New York for a few weeks!